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Apologetics, Culture, etc.
Answers In Genesis. Creationist material.
Ancient Days. Dr. David Livingston. Evolution/creation, flood, exodus, conquest. Some Audio.
Ankerberg Theological Research Institute. 1500 articles on cults, apologetics, etc. Baker Ency. of Christian Apologetics.
Apologetics Press. Check A.P. Resources for archive articles.
Associates for Biblical Research. Biblical Archaeology material. Dr. Bryant Wood.
Exegesis International. A page maintained by Douglas Petrovich. Emphasis on Biblical Text, Exodus and Conquest. (Many resources have been taken down. Hopefully we will see this again soon.)
A.C.A.P. Check resources for several good articles.
ARN. Access Research Network. Information on the Intelligent Design Movement: Behe; Dembski; Denton; Johnson; Wells.
Back to Genesis. Back issues of Acts and Facts. Institute for Creation Research.
Biblical Theism. Evidences for God, Worldviews in Conflict, Christian response to Humanism, etc. Robert L. Waggoner.
Bede's Library. Reasonable apologetics.
CARM. The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. Islam, Evolution, Atheism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, et al.
Cold Case Christianity with J. Warner Wallace from Stand to Reason. A homicide detective investigating the gospels.
Creation Ministries International. Old earth, literal 24-hour days viewpoint.
The Da Vinci Code: of Magdalene, Gnostics, the Goddess and the Grail. Numerous articles.

Decoding The Da Vinci Code. Lecture by N. T. Wright on "The Challenge of Historic Christianity to Post-Modern Fantasy" at Seattle Pacific University.
Dr. Gary R. Habermas. History, Philosophy, and Christian Apologetics. Specializing in Resurrection-of-Jesus Research.
Does God Exist? Science teacher John Clayton deals with science and religion issues.
Faith Reason Scripture. Thinking Through Faith. Shane Scott.
Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies. A wide range of studies available: Archaeology, Science, etc.
Leadership U. Apologetics. Including World Religions Index.
C. S. Lewis Foundation. The living legacy of C. S. Lewis.

C. S. Lewis: Into the Wardrobe.

C. S. Lewis Tours. If you plan to be in Oxford take this tour with Ron Brind. We enjoyed it.
Library of Historical Apologetics.
Apologetics. Apologetic resources and the C. S. Lewis Society.
C. S. Lewis photographs. Photographs of sites in and around Oxford associated with C. S. Lewis.
Probe Ministries. Analyzing and challenging contemporary culture. Beware Calvinistic theology.
Reasons TO Believe. Where Science and Faith converge.
Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig. Excellent material, including short videos.
Sean McDowell. Articles on apologetics and related topics.
Dinosaur & Human Footprints Together. Paluxy River finds. Don Patton.
The Man of Galilee. Read the book by Atticus G. Haygood.
The True.Origin Archive. Exposing the myth of evolution.
Uncommon Descent. The Intelligent Design Weblog of Bill Demski & Friends.

Archaeology & the Bible
Biblical Cities & Biblical Coins. Links to sites about many biblical places. Information about archaeology in Iraq.
Archaeology and Text. Journal published by Ariel University Press (Israel). Click on Volume to go to the Journal.
The Ancient Theatre Archive. A virtual reality tour of Greek and Roman theatre architecture.
'Atiqot. Publication of the Israel Antiquites Authority.
Articles on Ancient History at Livius. Material on Anatolia, Egypt, Greece, Judea, Persia, etc. Some photos.
ASOR. American Schools of Oriental Research.
ASOR Blog. Latest archaeological discussion related to ASOR and ASOR Scholars.

Associates for Biblical Research Biblical Archaeology material. Conservative.
Bible and Archaeology - Online Museum. Michael J. Caba. Fifty archaeological artifacts related to Bible characters.
Dr. James Hoffmeier. Video about the Exodus from Egypt in Light of Recent Archaeology and Geology in North Sinai.
Badè Museum of Biblical Archaeology. Badè excavated Tell en-Nasbeh, probably Mizpah in Benjamin.
Biblical Archaeology Society Web Site. Some BAR articles.
Biblical Insights From Archaeology. Article by Ferrell Jenkins.
Biblical An internet resource for studying the archaeological background of the Bible.
Bible Archaeology Report. Excellent material presented in a nice format by Bryan Windle.
The Book & the Spade. Radio program dealing with Biblical Archaeology.
ETANA. Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East Archives.
EurekAlert! Updates on various discoveries and projects relating to the Ancient World.
Explorator. Weekly newsletter listing articles from the media relating to archaeology or history.
FindaDig. Biblical Archaeology Society lists current archaeological excavations in the Bible world.
Gath. The Tell es-Safi/Gath Excavations Official (and Unofficial) Weblog. Aren Maeir.
The Ancient Near East. By Mark Alan McDonald.
German Protestant Institute. Museum located Augusta Victoria compound. Emphasizes work of G. Dalman.
Hebrew Union College - Museums.
The History of the Ancient Near East. An extensive list of ancient sites by Mark Alan McDonald.
Horn Archaeological Museum and the Institute of Archaeology. Access to a quarterly newsletter.
Inscriptions from the land of Israel.
The Bible and Interpretation. Latest news relevant to biblical study. Archaeology and more.
Israel Antiquities Authority. Recent discoveries.
Israel Antiquities Authority: the Scientific Archive 1919-1948. Interesting materials from the British Mandate Period.
The LMLK Research Website.

Magdala. The Synagogue and Archaeological Park.
National Geographic Magazine. One hundred year index to article on biblical geography, archaeology, and Middle Eastern history.
Prewitt-Allen Archaeological Museum. Corban College, Salem, OR. Images of archaeological artifacts.
NEAS. The Near East Archaeological Society.
Oil Lamps from the Holy Land. The Adler collection.
Pool of Siloam. New excavations. Article by Ferrell Jenkins.
Synagogues. Second Temple Synagogues by Donald D. Binder.
Palestine Exploration Fund. Founded in 1865, the PEF is devoted to the study of the ancient Levant, especially "Palestine". Links to old photos, journals, etc.
Roman Empire News and Archaeology. Mostly an advertising site, but you might find something of interest..
Selskab for Bibelsk Arcæologi. Danish language archaeology magazine. Some of my articles have been translated.
Top Ten Archaeological Discoveries of Twentieth Century. Dr. Keith N. Schoville. With photographs.
The West Bank and East Jerusalem Searchable Map. USC Digital Library. Shows about 7,000 archaeological locales studied since 1967.
The Digital Archaeological Atlas of the Holy Land. Fascinating site with numerous materials available for research.
Archaeology of Jordan Online. Internet resources, including links to many archaeological projects in Jordan.
watch Jerusalem.
Sponsored by the Trumpet (associated with Armstrong movement). Includes archaeology material, maps, etc.

Bible Study Software & Tools
info about Bible study software...
BibleWorks. BibleWorks is no longer in business but there are videos about features of the program still available.
Biblical Studies and Technological Tools. From scroll to screen... codex to computer.... Excellent updates by Mark Hoffman.
Bible Odyssey: People, Places, and Passages. A popular web site of the Society of Biblical Literature. The site is in its early stages. Expect more in the future.
Blue Letter Bible. Includes dictionaries and commentaries.
The Journal of Inductive Biblical Studies. A journal following the work of Traina.
Logos Bible Software. Logos has set the standard for electronic publishing. For assistance using ver. 8 see Logos Wiki.
Accordance. Great Bible software. Now available for Mac, Windows, and Mobile.
e-Sword. Bibles, commentaries, other books. Available also for the Pocket PC.
Online Bible. Inexpensive source for Bibles and older commentaries. North America site.
2Letter Lookup. Search ancient lexicons for Greek, Hebrew, et al. Produced by Tyndale House, Cambridge, UK.
Step Bible. Powerful program produced by Tyndale House, Cambridge, UK.
Wordsearch Bible. A nice digital Bible study program.

Bibles Available Online
Audio Bible. Listen to the Bible. Reading by Alexander Scourby.
Audio Treasure. Bibles in MP3 audio format. Several languages. Check their links for other resources. Provides free access to original Bible texts in Greek & Hebrew, published by the German Bible Society, and other English and German translations.
Or, begin with the NA28 (Novum Testamentum Graece here.)
Bible Gateway to search for truth. Search NASB, NIV, RSV and other versions.
Bible Database. Bibles in several languages available in an attractive format.
Biblia. Bible study online. Access to numerous versions and Bible study resources.
The International Standard Version. Download new translation. Musings by Dr. David Alan Black.
Commentaries at StudyLight. Entire Burton Coffman commantaries online. Also old ISBE and other resources. Opens blank window.
Commentaries and Dictionaries. Crosswalk provides numerous reference materials.
Commentaries at Search God's Word.
Coffman; Johnson; McGarvey; Robertson, et al.
ESV Online. Enjoy the features of the ESV Study Bible including audio &reading plans. Login to set up account to use charts, maps, diagrams, etc.
New American Standard Bible. Provided by Gospelcom. Other versions and languages available.
The NET Bible. Great study and translator notes available online.
The Bible Tool. Bibles in many languages. Click on Biblical Texts. Commentaries and other tools.
Cross Wire Bible Society.
Lamsa Bible Online. This is Dr. George Lamsa's [Aramaic] Peshitta New Testament Bible.
Online Translations of the Bible. Links to various translations.
Online Greek Bible.
J. B. Phillips Translation of the New Testament. Good maps by Gordon Smith.
The Unbound Bible. A collection of searchable Bibles and Bible tools.

Thompson Chain Reference Bible. A nice list of the TOPICS covered in Thompson. Begin with online bible library at bottom of page. Provided by Word Search.
NET Bible. This suberb resource includes Audio for the New Testament.
Use the NET Bible Online. Type in a word, or book, chapter, and verse.

NET Bible Search+:

If you have difficulty with the search go directly to the NEXT Bible and start there.

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible.
Some Audio Versions Available.
Include this form on your page

(e.g., John 1 or baptism)

Biblical Backgrounds
Into His Own. Perspective on the World of Jesus.
The Institute of Biblical Context. An affiliate of Preserving Bible Times, where context always matters. Doug Greenwold.
The Flavius Josephus Home Page. Links to various studies.
Noah's Ark & Mount Ararat. New links added.
Sumerian Shakespeare. Dedicated to Sumerian history, art, and culture.
All Mesopotamia. Information, News, Photos & Videos About Ancient Mesopotamis.
Postmodern Bible Dictionary. Hypertext and multimedia dictionary project. Dr. Tim Bulkeley. New Zealand.
Scripture Index. Vast amount of resources for books of Bible.
Window into the Bible. Nice site maintained by Bibleworld Museum & Discovery Centre, Rotorua, New Zealand.

Biblical Criticism: Manuscripts & Translations
Daniel B. Wallace. Blog.
Guest Article on Bible Translations
by Daniel B. Wallace, PhD.
History of the English Bible. A four-part series by Daniel B. Wallace, PhD.
Has Jesus Been Misquoted? White Horse Inn Blog interview with Daniel B. Wallace.
Evangelical Textual Criticism. Blog devoted to discussion of textual criticism.
Online Digital Manuscripts and Editions. Great links to Old Testament manuscripts.
Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts.
Great photos of minuscule manuscripts and lectionaries.
CSNTM video and audio by Daniel B. Wallace, PhD, on Itune. Link works slow, but definitely worthwhile.
Canon Fodder. Website of Michael J. Kruger, Professor of New Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte.
The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls. Project of Israel Museum.
The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library. Project of Israel Antiquities Authority.
Review of Wallace-Ehrman Debate at SMU, 2011.

Text Critical Series by Daniel B. Wallace. How the Bible came to us. Includes audio/video files. An older series.
Encyclopedia of NT Textual Textual Criticism. Compiled by Bob Waltz.
Codex Sinaiticus Website. Study the manuscript online.
"How Long Were Manuscripts Used? Larry Hurtado. Check his blog for other materials on Textual Criticism, including Selected Published Essays. See here, especially.
Dr. Peter Williams, Tyndale House. Video. New Evidences the Gospels were based on eyewitness accounts.
"Father" Justin, Librarian at St. Catherine's Monastery. Video lecture about the manuscripts.

Manuscript Workspace. Great site listing Papyri, Majuscules, Minuscules, Lectionaries, and Coptic Manuscripts.
The Rylands Fragment of the Gospel of John. The oldest known manuscript of John, and possibly of the New Testament. Photos.
Bible Research. Internet Resources for Students of Scripture by Michael Marlowe. Text, versions, canon.
Development of the Canon of the New Testament.
History of the English Bible: KJV to RV (from Elegance to Accuracy) by Daniel B. Wallace.
Ink and Blood. This exhibit of Bibles and manuscripts has a nice web page. Check for exhibit dates.
The Scriptorium. Manuscripts; Fonts; Maps of Palestine. You may need to click on "View Site without Shockwave Plug-in."
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web. Look at bottom of page for link to Bodmer photos of P66 and P75.
Egerton Papyrus 2. Includes scriptures similar to John.
The Great Isaiah Scroll. Dead Sea Scroll. Entire scroll now online. Takes a while to load.
POxy: Oxyrhynchus Online. Information and photos of several Bible MSS. Certificate of Pagan Sacrifice. AD 250.
Biblical Museum on the Square. Collierville, TN.
The Schøyen Collection. General information about manuscripts with photographs.
The West Semitic Research Project. Information about Bible and related manuscripts.

Avraham Borshevsky. Calligrapher and Illuminator. Manuscript replicas. Articles on parchment,

Blogs and News Pertaining to Biblical Studies.
How do they get any work done? Maybe this is it! Thanks.
ASOR Blog. Latests archaeological discussion by ASOR scholars.
Baker Book House Church Connection. Frequent excerpts from new Baker books.
Beck's Bible Lands Newsletter. John A. Beck is a permanent adjunct faculty member at Jerusalem University College.
Bible and Interpretation. News, archaeology, etc. relevant to study of the Bible.
BiblePlaces Blog. Todd Bolen gives the late news and analysis of happenings in Israel (related to Bible Places).
Bible Software and Interpretation. Blog by Glenn Weaver, formerly with BibleWorks. How the use of Bible software affects interpregation.
Ben Witherington on the Bible and Culture. Asbury Theological Seminary. Mostly New Testament and cultural comments. The old site is here.
BiblicalStudies.Org.UK. Rob Bradshaw continues to make more and more good materials available online. Direct link to materials index is here.
Biblical Studies and Technological Tools. From scroll to screen... codex to computer. Informative updates.
Bible Land Explorer. Mark Ziese, Professor of Old Testament at Johnson University Florida, explores the Bible lands.
Bible X (Bible Exposition). Informative blog by Charles Savelle.
The Book and the Spade. Blog pointing to the radio program on Bible and archaeology. Gordon Govier.
Corinthian Matters. A resource blog on things pertaining to Corinth by David Pettegrew, Messiah College near Harrisburg, PA.
Daniel B. Wallace. Blog, likely dealing with NT manuscripts and other issues of Biblical Criticism.
Deus Artefacta. David E. Graves deals with archaeological aretfacts [artifacts] illustrating historical accuracy of Bible.
Extragetes. To interpretation and beyond!
Following Hadrian. Carole lives in Germany and travels to various Hadrian sites.
Following Hadrian Photography. Photos tracing Hadrian's travels and influence across the Roman world.
Gates of Nineveh. Blog by Christopher Jones deals with Meospotamia.
Gath. The Tell es-Safi/Gath Weblog. Aren Maeir.
The Good Book Blog. A blog by Faculty of Talbot School of Theology.
HolyLandPhotos' Blog. Carl Rasmussen. Discussing sites, peoples, and events related to the Bible, Ancient Near East, and classical studies.

Larry Hurtado's Blog. Hurtado is a NT and Christian Origins scholar at Edinburgh University.
James Ossuary Trial Jerusalem. Matthew Kalman.
Logos Bible Software Blog. Updates from Logos staff.
Morris Proctor's Tips & Tricks for Logos Bible Software. Proctor is authorized trainer for Logos.
Life and Land. Research articles by Gordon Franz.
Exploring Bible Lands. Barry Britnell writes about the Bible Lands.
Luke Chandler's Blog. Bible, Archaeology, Culture, Travel.
Leon's Message Board. Leon Mauldin on Bible history and geography,including photos.

Lessons From The Land. Dr. Willis Britt, former Academic Dean of Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies.
Eklektikos. Steve Wolfgang's view of the world from surburban Chicago - or whereever he may be on any given day.

Ferrell's Travel Blog. Traveling Ancient Roads with Ferrell Jenkins. Includes photos and information about the Bible world.
Dr. Claude Mariottini. Professor of Old Testament at Northern Baptist Seminary. Old Testament topics.
The Biblical World. Blog by John Byron, Ashland Theological Seminary.
Molding Citizens for the Kingdom of God. Blog and other materials by Dr. Richard Oster.
NT Gateway Weblog. New Testament studies and related material by Mark Goodacre. No longer updated, but some good links.
NT Resources Blog. Mostly New Testament-related discussion by the late Rod Decker.
PaleoJudaica. A weblog on Ancient Judaism and its context by Jim Davila, St. Andrews University, Scotland.
Psephizo. scholarship.serving.ministry by Ian Paul.
Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean blog. Phil Harland.
Tom Powers: View From Jerusalem. Tom lived in Jerusalem for several years. He has some good research material on the web site.
Shmuel Browns: Israel Tour Guide. Shmuel provides some great photos of Israel from places off the beaten track.
Letter Carriers and the Pauline Tradition. Peter M. Head.
Our Rabbi Jesus. His Jewish life and teaching by Lois Tverberg
RogueClassicism. David Meadows. Updates on things pertaining to ancient Greece and Rome.
The Book and the Spade. Latest discoveries and developments in Biblical Archaeology by Gordon Govier.
Parchment and Pen. A theology blog.
Paul and Co-workers. Blog by Richard Fellows.
Polumeros kai Polutropos. A resource blog on the Book of Hebrews by Brian Small.
Reading Acts. Some thoughts on the Book of Acts and Pauline Theology by Phillip J. Long.
Revelation Resources. Georg S. Adamsen's blog of resources for the study of the Book of Revelation.
Rollston Epigraphy. Chrisistopher Rollston emphasizes matters pertaining to epigraphy.

Tyndale Tech. Electronic resources for biblical studies. David Instone-Brewer of Tyndale House, Cambridge.
Uncommon Descent. The Intelligent Design Weblog of Bill Demski & Friends.
Walking the Text. Materials by Brad Gray.
Wayne Stiles Blog. Connecting the Bible and its Lands to Life.
Wild Olive Shoot. Seth M. Rodriquez.
Seeking a Homeland. Chris McKinny.
Aantekeningen bij de Bijbel. J. P. Van de Giessen.
Biblioblogs Search Engine. Search many Biblioblogs at one time.
Google Blog Search. Search all kinds of blogs.

Books: New and Used. Also Ebooks available online.
Bibliofind. Search for used religious books from various sellers. Now associated with Amazon.
Jewish Encyclopaedia. Online searches.
eScholarship editions. Full text books from academic presses. Some archaeology and religion available to public.
Galaxy Software. Theological Journals and Electronic Publishing. Subscribe to numerous journals.
Philologos Religious Online Books. Edersheim, Geike, Ramsay, et al.

Church History. See also Restoration Movement
Adherents. Statistics for over 4200 religious groups.
Church Fathers. Ante-Nicene and Post-Nicene. Ability to search for info before AD 200.
Church History 101. Material about early church history by century..
Early Christians Writings. Just what the title implies. Through 3rd century A.D.
Religion & the Founding of the American Republic. Library of Congress exhibit.
Philip Schaff's History of the Christian Church. Eight volumes.
Also Creeds of Christendom.

Documenting Your Online Research
A Research Guide for Students. Various research styles covered.
Columbia Guide to Online Style. Link to book advertisement. Guide for Electronic Media.
Citation Guide for Internet Sources.

Knight Cite. Citing a basic book in MLA format. Provided by the Hekman Library, Calvin. College.

Greek Studies
Learn New Testament Greek.
New Testament Greek. Three online courses by Jeff Smelser.
Online Elementary Greek. A course by Dr. Jim West.
Daily Dose of Greek. Video tips by Dr. Rob Plummer.
Read the Greek New Testament. Notes on the New Testament by Peter Misselbrook.
Textkit. Greek and Latin learning tools. Some NT grammars can be downloaded.
Audio of the Greek New Testament. Reading of Westcott Hort Greek Testament by Marilyn Phemister, or at Internet Archive.
Perseus Digital Library. A growing digital library for study of ancient world.
SBL Greek New Testament. Available for free download for use in Logos.
Nestle-Aland 28th Edition. Available online.
Galilee Greek Font. A nice Greek font by the late Rod Decker to use in PowerPoint or handouts. Good Greek materials here.

Edersheim: Sketches of Jewish Social Life. Edited 1876 edition.
PaleoJudaica. A weblog on Ancient Judaism and its context.

Maps of Bible Lands
Ancient Locations. Database of Archaeological Sites. Links to Wikimedia, Google Map, Bind, and Open Street Map.
Atlas for Ancient Warfare. Includes Battle of Issus. Site of the US Military Academy West Point.
Ancient History Encyclopedia. Includes maps of the ancient world that may be useful in Bible teaching.
Ancient Theatre Archive. A virtual reality tour of Greek and Roman Theatre (Theater) architecture.
Biblical Backgrounds. Resources for studying and teaching about the Bible Lands.
Bible Maps by Manna. Bible Maps Plus includes maps, photos, timelines, PowerPoint maps, etc.
Bible Atlas. Wonderful source with maps individualized for specific Bible places.
Bible Mapper. You may be able to purchase Bible Mapper 5. Use it to make your own maps.
Bible Mapper Blog. New in November, 2019. Seems to be providing some good maps, helpful for various biblical accounts.
Bible Mapper WebViewer. A quick reference, web-based tool for finding Bible places.
Bible Mapper wiki. Mark Hoffman provides support, tutorials & map sharing. The BibleMapper Tutorials are now at YouTube here. There are good links about BibleMapper here.
Bible History Online. Some excellent Bible maps.
Open Bible. Bible Geocoding. Every identifiable place in the Bible.
Map Collection at U. of Texas. Includes Middle East.
Maps of Israel. Trememdous site showing Survey of Israel & Survey of Western Palestine. Amud anan = "pillar of cloud."
Palestine Open Maps. Maps from the period of the British Mandate (1918-1948). Helpful for exacting study.
ORBIS. The Stanform Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World. Fascinating map of Roman world. Calculate distance, time, and cost of travel. Works best in Chrome or Safari.
Pelagios Commons. Excellent resource, including a great digital map of the Roman Empire.
Viz Bible. See maps of Paul's journeys and other projects, many from Acts.

Museums and Traveling Exhibits
Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki. Macedonian and Roman artifacts.
Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem. Take the virtual tour.
Biblical History Center. LaGrange, GA. Dr. James Fleming. Excellent resource for families and church groups to visit.
Bijbelsmuseum. Amsterdam.
Bible Museum on the Square. Collierville, TN.
The British Museum. New updated page with some biblical material. Use COMPASS to search for photos.
The British Museum. New way to visit the Museum from home.
Brooklyn Museum. Check Egypt and Assyria.
Some Biblically Related Artifacts in the British Museum. This is a catalog of material I have prepared over the years.
Some Biblically Related Artifacts in the Musee du Louvre. Guide by Ferrell Jenkins in PDF.

Biblically Related Artifacts in the Museums of Berlin. Guide by Ferrell Jenkins in PDF.

The Bible in the British Museum. Summary with links to all articles by Jon Gleason.
Bible and Archaeology - Online Museum. Michael J. Caba. Fifty archaeological artifacts related to Bible characters.
Chester Beatty Library. Dublin, Ireland. Location of Beatty Biblical Papyri of Bible, including 2nd century NT. Click on Chester Beatty Digital Collections for photos of the Pauline epistles.
David A. Dorsey Museum of Biblical Archaeology. Myerstown, PA.
Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. Tell Qasile in the center of the area on Tel Aviv University campus. Philistine port city of 12th century B.C.
Biblical History Center, LaGrange, Georga. Excellent resources for families and church groups to visit.
Freer Art Gallery. Washington, D.C. The Washington Manuscript of the New Testament is here.
Garstang Museum of Archaeology. School of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology. University of Liverpool. Open only on certain days.
Harding University, Searcy AR. Linda Byrd Smith Museum of Biblical Archaeology. Dr. Dale Manor is the museum coordinator.
Hecht Museum. Haifa, Israel. This is an outstanding museum, located on the campus of Haifa University on the top of Mount Carmel.
Siegfried H. Horn Museum and the Institute of Archaeology at Andrews University.
Institute for the Study of the Ancient World. ISAW, New York University. Excellent links to maps, coins, other materials.
Israel Museum. Link to the Archaeology Wing. Click here for a list of the exhibits under Chronicles of the Land.
Israel Museum Google Walk Through.
Istanbul Archaeological Museum. Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman. Siloam tunnel inscription; Gezer calendar & boundary stone; Herodian temple warning, et al.
Terra Sancta Museum. Located at the Monastery of the Flagellation, 1, Via Dolorosa str., Jerusalem.
Turkey: Museums throughout the country.
James L. Kelso Bible Lands Museum. Located at Pittsburg [Pennsylvania]Theological Seminary.
The Louvre. Check Egyptian, Oriental, Greek and Roman collections. Select language in upper right corner.
Visit the Louvre with the Bible.
Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York.
Museum of the Bible. Inviting all people to engage with the Bible.
Museum of Philistine Culture. Located at Ashdod, Israel.
U.S. Museums with Artifacts Related to the Biblical World. Todd Bolen, Bible Places.
The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Great collection of materials on this venerable museum.
Royal Ontario Museum. A great collection of interest to Bible students. Search for Egypt, Rome, Near East, etc.
Harvard Museum of the Ancient Near East (HMANE). New name for the Semitic Museum at Harvard. Ancient Cyprus, Nuzi and the Hurrians, Ashkelon, Houses of Ancient Israel.
University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Egyptian, Near Eastern, Roman, etc.
Egyptian Museum, Berlin.
State Museums of Berlin. Includes links to all museums. Check Pergamon Museum (Mesopotamia & Classical) and Neues Museum (Egyptian material).
Museum of Ancient Near East, Berlin. Voderasiatisches Museum. Pergamon Museum includes Assyrian & Babylonian. Virtual tour of the museum here.

New Testament Background
Acts 27 Blog. Comments on Acts 27.
Epistle to the Hebrews: Internet Resources.
Epistles of Peter and Jude: Internet Resources.
Gospel of John: Internet Resources. This material has been gathered for a study of the Gospel of John.
CenturyOne Bookstore. Special Features.
The Jewish Roman World of Jesus. Info by Dr. James D. Tabor. Often a liberal perspective.
Felix Just. Catholic Resources. Biblical resources. Johannine literature, Revelation & Apocalyptic, Biblical & religious art. Extensive links.
K. C. Hanson's Home Page. Features N. T. Palestine. Photos. Links.
Resources for New Testament Study. Page by the late Rodney Decker, Baptist scholar.
Revelation Resources. for the study of the Book of Revelation.
Roman Times. An online magazine about current archaeology and classical research into the lives of inhabitants of the Roman Empire and Byzantium and the civilizations around them.
Paul and the Pauline Epistles. Numerous links.
Paul Project. Third Millennium ministries. Reformed theology. Church History available for download.
Seven Churches Network. Mark Wilson - Connecting you to Biblical Turkey.
Synagogues Interactive Map. Bornblum Eretz Israel Synagogue Website. Kinneret College on the Sea of Galilee. Helpful map showing known synagogues.
Molding Citizens for the Kingdom of God. Prof. Richard Oster on the book of Revelation, Graeco-Roman Antiquities, et. al.
Herman Hoeksema. Behold He Cometh: An Exposition of Revelation. Amillennial.

Old Testament Materials
Amos - Postmodern Bible Commentary. Literary and linguistic comment, background history & archaeology.
Daniel Resources.
Includes Robert Dick Wilson's book on Daniel, and some other writings.

Biblia Hebraica. A course in biblical Hebrew.
Ancient Days. Articles by the late Dr. David Livingston. Evolution/Creation, Exodus, Conquest, Flood, Gen. 1-11. Audio.

Church Fathers Collection. Ante-Nicene and Post-Nicene. Ability to search for info before AD 200.
e-Catena. Allusions to the New Testament in the Ante-Nicene Fathers. Helpful source. Search by NT reference.
Fathers of the Church. Great Catholic site. Apocrypha, patristics, etc.

Guide to Early Church Documents. Provided by ICLnet.

Periodicals: Scholarly Journals
Biblica. On-line partial edition of Biblica with general index: 1990-2004. Complete articles for recent years.
Chafer Theological Seminary Journal. Several years of back issues in PDF. Dispensaational.
Christianity Net. Christianity Today; Leadership; resources, etc.
Denver Journal. An online review of current biblical and theological studies.
Detroit Baptist SeiminaryJournal. Archive of the journal.
The Doorway Papers of Arthur Custance.
Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. JETS may be searched by ETS members.
Review and Expositor. Baptist journal. Abstracts of some recent volumes online.

The Theological Journal Library. BibSac, Grace, JETS, Trinity, Westminster, et al. archives available by subscription.
Tyndale Journal at Tyndale House, Cambridge. Full text of many past issues. Browse by dates; search by author.

Photos and Art This site by Todd Bolen has great photos of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Greece. New volume on Persia. Links. Get his Newsletter.
Visit BiblePlaces in Spanish or French Site by Rotem covers Galilee and Israel. Some good info and photos.
Bible Land Photographs. Growing collection of photos by David Padfield.
Life in the HolyLand. Todd Bolen's new site illustrates peoples and places of the past.
APAAME. Aerial Photographic Archive for Archaeology in the Middle East. Massive archive of aerial photographs.
ACOR - American Center of Oriental Research Photo Archive. Some nice images from several countries.
Jerusalem Shots. Some beautiful photos on this commercial site.
American Colony and Matson Photo Service. Search for more than 13,000 digitized old photos of Palestine at the Library of Congress..
Archaeology Illustrated. Beautiful art by professional artist Balage Balogh. This art is used in numerous scholarly works.
The Bible Illustration Blog. Featuring the work of Graham D. Kennedy. Art for sale and links to other sources.
Using Photographs to Illustrate Lessons. Review of The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands.
Holy Land Photo Archives. Now about 5300 photos of over 500 sites by Professor Carl Rasmussen. This site keeps getting better.
Next Sunday Gallery. Recent photos by Jim Pitts. Courtesy of Smyth and Helwyns Publishing, Inc.
Biblical Israel Ministries and Tours. Various materials related to Bible Land travel by John DeLancey. Some video clips..
Photo Archive by René Seindal. Best collection of Roman statuary of which I am aware. Features museums in Italy and Denmark. Some Sicily and Egyptian Museum. Sells prints.
Photoshop Online Tools. Use Photoshop Express Editor to enhance photos online.
Ritmeyer Archaeological Design. Check the Online Store and the Image Library.
See the Holy Land. Your guide to visiting the Holy Land, including some nice photos. Pat McCarthy, director, Auckland, New Zealand.
Source Flix. Videos, DVDs, photos by Joel Kramer. He has lived in Israel and is now in Jordan.
Through the Land of Israel III. Photos from all over Israel by Laju Paul.
Turkey and the Seven Churches. Also Ararat (Urartu). Photos by Rex Geissler of ArcImaging.
Turkey Photos. Kyle Pope, Ancient Road Publications, has good photos of Turkey, including Ararat and Cilician Gates.
Visible Earth. A catalog of NASA images and animations of earth. Great for building your own maps.
Zev Radovan's Land of the Bible Photo Archive. Jerusalem photographer, and friend, has great photos for sale.

Resource Indices
Asbury Theological Seminary. ePlace is a digital collection of research and writing. Includes TREN conference papers.
Ancient History Encyclopedia. Timeline, maps, books, videos, about the Ancient History.
Biblical Studies Resource Page. By Torrey Seland, Volda University College, Norway.
Bible History Online. A great web site for Bible students and teachers. Good maps.
Biblical Hermeneutics Web Page. Wide variety of studies and links by Andrew S. Kulikovsky.
Biblical Studies. Resources for those studying the Scritpures. Rob Bradshaw, UK.
Biblical Studies Foundation. A rich source of information. Dispensational. Net Bible, Lightstock faith-focused images, Lumina Bible study suite, blog, and much more.
Biblical Studies on the WEB. Exegetical journal: Biblical Theology. Library links.
Biblical eSources. Nice site by Ted Hildebrandt, Gordon College.
The New Testament Gateway. Mark Goodacre. Comprehensive directory of New Testament resources.
Loebolus: Open Access to all the public domain Loeb Classical Library volumes.
New Testament Resources. By the late Rodney Decker, Baptist scholar.
The Old Testament and the Ancient Near East. Good collection of material by Ralph W. Klein.
Illustrations for Sermons.
Latter Day Saints. Mormons. Site includes various Mormon resources.
Master's Seminary Web Resources. Click on Resources for The Master's Seminary Journal.
Tyndale House. Cambridge. Scholarly resources.

Restoration Movement
Atlanta. Then and Now - The Church of Christ in Atlanta [1963]. Historical article by the late Mrs. Hugh (Doris) Davis.
Search TV Music. Acapella songs.
Bethany. This link is for Bethany College in WVA. Look under Historic Bethany for info on the Campbells.
Bethany: Disciples of Christ Historical Society. It takes a little searching to locate all info about Restoration sites.
Bible Banner. Publication of Foy E. Wallace, Jr. and Cled Wallace in the 1940s. Index.
Church of Christ Studies. Hundreds of books, tracts, commentaries and Acapella Songs.
Friends of the Restoration. Public group of those interested in the Restoration Movement on Facebook.
The Christian Researcher. Numerous free downloads.
Gravel Hill Church of Christ. Numerous e-books available for download.
Restoration Movement documents. Most comprehensive site. Many books online. Constantly growing.
For A Cappella Music. To encourage a cappella singing in worship as it was in the New Testament church.
The Gospel Guardian. Early volumes beginning in 1949. Fanning Yater Tant, editor. Index.
Plain Talk. Publication edited by Robert F. Turner, 1964-1984. Index.
International College of the Bible. Numerous Restoration books available in PDF.
Richard T. Hughes. Bibliography on Church History and Restoration Movement.
Spending Time with Jim McGuiggan.
Restoration Movement History. Scott Harp. Includes location of burial sites and grave markers for many preachers of the RM.
Restoration Library. Digital library for the churches of Christ. Numerous books available in PDF format.
Center for Restoration Studies. ACU.
Restoration Serials Index. Improved search format of periodicals & lectures.
Searching the Scriptures. Donnie V. Rader provides archive of all issues from 1960 to 1992 in PDF.
Stone-Campbell Journal. A subscription publication with some articles online.
Stone-Campbell Movement Research Guide. Jessie C. Eury Library, Lincoln Christian University. Several links broken when I checked.
Stone-Campbell Movement hymnals.
Stone-Campbell.Org. Materials by Ketcherside, Garrett, and others.
Stone-Campbell Resources. Sponsored by ACU Library.
Restoration History Library - Tennesee Bible College. Books in PDF.
TLC Publishing. Tom Childers. Preserving Restoration Movement History. Some materials in various formats. FHU lectureship. Debates.
Unity in Diversity. The Mission and Message of W. Carl Ketcherside. Includes other Restoration material, including eBooks.
The Works of Leroy Garrett. Includes list of eBooks.

Study Materials: Online
BibleWorld. New page with material by Ferrell Jenkins.
The 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia. Church Fathers, etc..
Project Gutenberg. Free ebooks.
Spindle Works. Extensive library of articles and some books. Reformed theology.
Tyndale House. Cambridge. Numerous scholarly resources including Tyndale Bulletin listed by volume and date.

Arminian Materials. Wesley Center for Applied Theology. Holiness literature.
Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood. Several good books available for download.
D. A. Carson Books. Available in PDF.
Faithsite by Dr. John Mark Hicks. Professor at DLU and HGSR. Good material on suffering. Some Restoration material.
Expository Notes of Dr. Thomas Constable, Dallas Theological Seminary.
Instrumental Music. John L. Giradeau's 1888 Instrumental Music in the Worship of the Church.
The Paul Page. Study materials pertaining to Paul. Part of the NT Gateway family of websites.
Princeton Theological Seminary. Theological Commons digital library of over 76,700 books and journals of theology and religion.
Reformed Witness. Reformed Presbyterian. Calvinistic. No Instrumental Music. Not Premillennial, etc.
Selected articles by Jerome H. Neyrey, a Catholic scholar.
Theological Studies. A resource for studying Christian theology. Robert Bradshaw, UK.
The Works of John Frame and Vern Poythress.
Presbyterian scholars.

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