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The links on this page provide a starting point for some resources
on the Gospel of John which are available on the Internet.
It is intended to assist my students in a class on John (Spring 2009).

Where Else to Look at

The SCHOLARLY and BIBLE PLACES pages will have many useful links. Spend some time getting acquainted with the resources available.

Bible Versions
Some of these sources allow you to listen to the text

The NET Bible. Or this updated link. Use on the Internet or download for your own use. Excellent translator notes. Search from the bottom of this page.
The International Standard Version. A new translation available in several formats.

The Audio Bible. Listen to the KJV of John read by Alexander Scourby.

Use the NET Bible Online. Type in a word, or book, chapter, and verse.

NET Bible Search+:

If you have difficulty with the search go directly to the NEXT Bible and start there.

Lookup a word or passage in the Bible.
Some Audio Versions Available.
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(e.g., John 1 or baptism)

General Information About the Ministry of Jesus

Two Archaeologists Comment on The Passion of the Christ. Dr. Andrea Berlin and Dr. Jodi Magness. PDF.

Commentaries by Restoration Movement Scholars

Commentaries. J. W. McGarvey, The Fourfold Gospel; Robertson's Word Pictures; Matthew Henry; et al.

Commentaries by Denominational Scholars
(Some of these sources are premillennial. Some are Calvinistic. Some are by Restoration Movement scholars. Study with discernment.)

Commentaries. Some of the older commentaries are available. Jamieson, Fausset & Brown; Matthew Henry; A.T. Robertson, Word Pictures.

IVP New Testament Commentary on John. This is a fairly recent commentary.
Commentary on the Gospel of John. W. Hall Harris III. Dispensational. Word download.

That You May Believe: A Study of the Gospel of John. Bob Deffinbaugh. Dispensational. Word download.
Dr. Thomas L. Constable. Notes on John. Dallas Theological Seminary. Dispensational. Click on Study Notes, then John. PDF.

Manuscript and Textual Information

The Rylands Fragment of the Gospel of John. The oldest known manuscript of John, and possibly of the New Testament. Photos. Follow links.
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web. Look at bottom of page for link to Bodmer photos of P66 and P75.
Egerton Papyrus 2. Includes scriptures similar to John.
The Schøyen Collection. General information about manuscripts with photographs.


Bible Atlas. This site will probably have a map for every location we study. Here is a small copy of the map showing Cana of Galilee (Jn. 2).

Cana of Galilee.


Surcharge of the Money Changers. By David Hendin. Photo of coins. (No longer online, but it can be located by searching for Hendin and the full title.)

Notes on the Greek Text

Notes on the Greek New Testament. By Peter Misselbrook. Can be helpful to the non-Greek. Click on Gospels and Acts, then John. Individual lessons are in Word format. The entire 160 page document on John is in PDF. Opens in blank window.


Photos can be helpful in understanding a place. Please go to the Biblical Studies Info Page. Then click on Scholarly. Then scroll down to Photos.

Resources on the Gospel of John

Online Text and Resources. Check Gospel of John in the list of contents at end of the article. Some, but not all, of the material here will reflect a liberal perspective.

Word Studies

Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words. Search for any word in the New Testament. A great source.

Workbooks by Brethren in the Restoration Movement

Aude McKee: Workbook on John. Twenty One simple lessons in PDF.
Daily Nuggets from the Gospel of John. A brief reading daily guide by Jeff Asher.
The Gospel of John: Evidences for Belief. Bible class book by Gene Taylor.

Articles and Essays on the Gospel of John

Robert Turner. Concise articles from Plain Talk. It takes a bit of searching, but the results will be worthwhile. PDF.

The Crucifixion

The Passion - An Archaeological Perspective. Download PDF article by Dr. Andrea Berlin and Dr. Jodi Magness.

The Da Vinci Code

Da Vinci Code Resources. This page contains many articles in response to the major claims of the Da Vinci Code.
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Good response at Apologetics Index. See especially the links to articles.

Introductory Material

About Jesus. This is a wonderful site with much background information about Jesus and His times.

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