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My first introduction to Haygood's The Man of Galilee came in a class in Christian evidences taught by Homer Hailey in the mid-1950s. A few years later I located a copy of the book and published a reprint edition in 1963. The entire book, with the original and reprint dedication, is published here.

After reading the Dedication and Prefatory, I suggest you start with the first chapter and read the entire book in order. It is brief. Ferrell Jenkins

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Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee as a fisherman comes to harbor. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins 2015.

Lord, to whom shall we go but unto thee?
Thou hast the words of eternal life. — Simon Peter

Table of Contents

Dedication and Prefatory
1. Did the Evangelists Invent Jesus?

2. "No Dramatist Can Draw Taller Men than Himself"

3. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John Neither Good nor Great Enough

4. Is Jesus an Ideal Jew of the Time of Tiberius?

5. Jesus and Myths

6. Jesus and Hebrew Human Nature

7. His Method of Thought Differences Him from Men

8. "Never Man Spake Like this Man"

9. The Son of Man and Sin

10. The Magnitude of the End He Proposed and Set About

11. Never Man Planned Like this Man

12. Jesus Neither Theologian nor Ecclesiastic

13. "Jesus Christ Took the Way of Perishing"

14. His Grasp Upon Mankind

15. What Jesus Claims and Demands

16. Jesus the One Universal Character

17. The Christ, the Son of the Living God

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