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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sorry about the lag. Visit Ferrell's Travel Blog. Many new blogs now appear on Ferrell's Travel Blog. I hope you will visit the site. Today I posted some personal remembrances from 1957 about Sputnik. You will also fine travel blogs about Scotland with an emphasis on church history (look in September), and a three week trip in Turkey (look in the archives for May to begin). This trip includes photos of the area of the Hittites, Paul's First Journey, and Eastern Turkey.

Check the recent changes in our page on C. S. Lewis, too.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Podcasts of the Bible. Podcasts are all the rage now. I am impressed with The Bible Podcast that contains a chapter a day from the NET Bible. Several complete books are available for download. Visit thebiblepodcast.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Discoveries in the City of David Announced. Arutz Sheva, Israel National reports on Artifacts From Time of Kings David and Solomon. The article mentions more than 100 seals and signet rings that have been found primarily in the area of the Beit HaMaayan (well-house) excavation. The only details given are ones from previous discoveries in the City of David. The article says, "The large number of such seals, archaeologists explained, indicate that the City of David area was a commercial and trading center." Read here.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Discovery of Herod's Tomb at Herodium. A good photo essay has been made available by Arutz Sheva, Israel National Click here. The complete press release about the discovery is posted at The Hebrew Univeristy web page.

Update on the Claims About the Tomb and Bones of Jesus. A few good summaries of the information can be found at the following links: 9 Facts That Disprove the Claims About the Lost Tomb of Jesus, by John Ankerberg & Dillon Burroughs (PDF). See Cracks in the Foundation: The Jesus Family Tomb Story by Stephen Pfann
shows that experts are backing away from the claims. Engaging: Lost Tomb of Jesus at has some good info. Many good scholars have responded to this junk. Click on SCHOLARLY (to the left). On that page click on BLOGS. The best ones to deal with this subject (and lead you to all kinds of material) are Ben Witherington, Bible Places Blog, NT Gateway Weblog, and PaleoJudaica. You must scroll back to Feb. 26 to get all the material.

Da Vinci Code Resources. Check our page of resources to learn how to deal with the inaccurate portrayal of Christ and
the New Testament presented in The Da Vinci Code.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Two Recent Speaking Engagements. February 26-28 I presented three lessons on Bible History and Archaeology at the Middletown Bible Forum conducted by the Douglass Hills Church of Christ in the Louisville area. This series was well received. The church advertised extensively and we had about 100 people to attend who were not members of a church of Christ.These lessons are available in MP3. Check their website. Look under Truthcast, then Bible Forum. It was a pleasure to be with these brethren again. Again I enjoyed the hospitality of old friends, Gary and Linda Watson.

Last week, March 4-9 I presented a series of lessons under the title of The Christian Facing Modern Challenges at the Hughes Road church in Madison, AL. These lessons are available in MP3 at Teaching Truth, the church website. This church has a long history in the area, and I have known a handfull of the people since the early 50s; of course, there are many new folks to the area. I stayed with some good friends, Olen and Jane Britnell.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Dr. Bryant Wood and Dr. Leen Ritmeyer at the annual meeting of the NEAS, Washington, DC, 2007. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.Two New Blogs. On the Scholarly page under Blogs I have added a link to Dr. Leen Ritmeyer's blog. Ritmeyer has worked in many of the important archaeological digs in Jerusalem and has done the architectural drawings found in many books. His speciality deals with the location of the temple. His recent books, The Quest: Revealing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is avaiable from Eisenbrauns. Here is a small photo I made of Ritmeyer with Bryant Wood at the annual meeting of the Near East Archaeological Society last November.

I have also added a link to BibleWalks. This nice site is the work of a lady who lives in lower Galilee. The site emphasizes sites in the Galilee, but has some sites from other parts of Israel. Take a look at the neat animation under Story of a Tell (Mound). She had one of the best photos I have seen of Cana of Galilee.

There is no end of good information on the Internet, and the Blogs we have listed keep one on the cutting edge of many biblical and archaeological issues.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Gordon Franz at the annual meeting of the NEAS, Washington, 2007. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.Paul's Shipwreck on Malta. In my presentations on Acts and Archaeology at the Florida College lectures I promised to include a link to the good material by Gordon Franz concerning the location of Paul's Shipwreck on Malta. I heard Gordon's good presentation of his research at the annual meeting of the Near East Archaeological Society in Washington last November.

This material will help you respond to the wild claims of those who claim to have found anchors from the shipwreck, etc.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dr. Bruce Manning Metzger.Bruce Manning Metzger. Word comes from several bloggers of the passing of Professor Bruce M. Metzger at the age of 93 on Feb. 13. Metzger was one of the leading textual critics of the world. I am pleased to have heard him present papers at the annual meetings of the Society of Biblical Literature, and in a couple of lectures at the University of South Florida. From my perspective he appeared to be a humble man of good character. His books included The New Testament, Its Background, Growth, and Content; The Text, Canon and Principal Versions of the Bible; The Text of the New Testament, Its Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration. He wrote Breaking the Code to provide a brief overview of the Book of Revelation. Metzger was one of the editors of The Greek New Testament. He autographed my copy of A Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament. His autobiography, Reminiscences of an Octogenarian, written in 1997, should prove beneficial to any serious student of the Word. I recall a good journal article Metzger wrote in response to the Jehovah's Witnesses argument on John 1:1. And there were many other books and articles.

Metzger quotes a Chinese proverb: "The faintest ink is more lasting than the strongest memory" (Reminiscences 229). Perhaps this is why the Lord saw fit to have His will written (Ex. 17:14; Jer. 30:2; Rev. 1:11; Eph. 3:3-5; 1 Pet. 5:12). Metzger made it his practice to writen notes on 3 x 5 cards. These eventually totatled nearly 20,000. (HT: John Piper).

Metzger's books may be ordered from the Biblical Studies Info Book Store.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Florida College Lectures - 2007. The FC lectures are scheduled for February 5-8. I am preparing two illustrated classes for McCarty Auditorium on Acts and Archaeology.

Executable Preacher. Mark Copeland has a good blog with items of special interest to preachers. Take a look at the Executable Preacher, and don't forget Mark's original site, Executable Outlines, where he had hundreds of outlines that are being accessed by people all over the world. Mark is our "pioneer" in the proper use of the Internet for Bible Study and distribution of good material.

Searching the Scriptures online. Donnie V. Rader has performed a good service for brethren in making all 33 volumes (1960-1992) available in a PDF searchable format. You may use it online or download to your own computer. Check it at Searching the Scriptures. I have added a link under Electronic Publications. Thanks, Donnie.

Cradle of Christianity. This exhibit will be at the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, FL, through April 15, 2007. The exhibit is organized by the Israel Museum, Jerusalem. That museum is currently closed for remodeling. Rarely will one be able to see so many important items in the USA. The exhibit includes the Temple (Dead Sea) Scroll, the Caiaphas ossuary, the heel bone of a crucified man with the nail in it, a graffito of the menorah from the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem (dates to A.D. 70 destruction), the Pilate inscription, and much more.

Monday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year!

Catching Up.

Since early July, 2006 (half a year!), I have been negligent in posting information about my activities. This will be a little effort to give at least a summary of those activities for anyone who may be interested. Read from about June 1 for a chronological survey.

Holiday Celebrations. Today is a special day for me. I am one year older than I was a year ago today! We had some wonderful experiences over the holidays.

Ferrell and Elizabeth celebrating 52nd wedding anniversary.

Elizabeth and I celebrated
anniversary number 52 last month.

Right: Drew was 26 months old the day before Christmas. He enjoyed Grandmother's wonderful dinner on December 25. He is a real joy to us all the time.

Drew on December 25, 2007. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

And then, there is the work at Citrus Park in Tampa. The brethren who formerly were part of two congregations (Carrollwood and Citrus Park) have been worshipping and working as one for 15 months now. The merge is proving to be a blessing to all involved. It is a pleasure to work with this church.

Dec. 1-3. Weatherly Heights, Huntsville, AL. The elders at Weatherly Heights, in Huntsville, invited me to present a series of lessons on Bible History and Archaeology. I have known some of the members of that church since my teen years. Matt Hennecke works with the church as evangelist. Matt is the producer of the Manna Bible Maps Plus program. I use his maps often in my presentations and recommend them for use in church classes and sermons. He also has some geography workbooks.

Elizabeth went with me and we enjoyed the hospitality of several fine people and the associaiton with old friends, Louis and Margie Garrett. Margie provided the piano music at our wedding in Sutton Hall a few years ago, and we have spent some enjoyable time together over the years. Louis was my instructor in English and English Literature when I was a student, and the Dean of Florida College when I first began teaching in 1969.

Hill and Carol Roberts of Lord I Believe. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Hill and Carol Roberts

Matt Hennecke of Manna Bible Maps. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Matt Hennecke

Hill and Carol Roberts are among my former students who are members of the Weatherly church. Hill is a physicist and has put his numerous abilities to work in the teaching of Christian evidences. He and Carol, and the team they take with, have provided faith building instruction to numerous churches during their week-end series. Check into it for your congregation.

Nov. 15-21. Attending the Annual Meetings. Later in the week Leon Mauldin and I attended annual meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society and the Near East Archaeological Society in Washington. For the most part I attended meetings of NEAS relating to archaeology and the Bible. Afterwards I attended the annual meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, and again heard several good papers on archaeological sites in Israel and Turkey.

Anson Rainey and Steven Notley autograph a copy of The Sacred Bridge, Carta's Atlas of the Biblical World, for Ferrell Jenkins at the annual meeting, 2007.

Breaking down to buy The Sacred Bridge: Carta's Atlas of the Biblical World, by Anson F. Rainey and R. Steven Notley. I am delighted to have an autographed copy of this book. It is available from Amazon.

Small portion of the scholarly book display at the annual meeting of the SBL in Washington, 2007. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Above: Small section of the book display at the annual meeting. It is so tempting!

Dr. Jack P. Lewis at NEAS annual meeting in 2007. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

It was good to see Dr. Jack P. Lewis, my professor at Harding University Graduate School of Religion.

David McClister and Tom Hamilton,  Biblical Studies professors at Florida College. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

David McClister & Tom Hamilton, former students, who now teach in the Biblical Studies Department at Florida College. Photo at the annual meeting.


Nov. 14. Annandale, VA. Several times I have been invited to participate in the Preacher's Seminar at the Annandale Church of Christ in Annaldale, VA. The setting in the Washington, D.C. area brings many people to the Annandale church. As a result, the church has a turn over of members that is obvious each time I visit. Of course, there have numerous members who have been there for many years. Floyd and Judy Chappelear moved to work with this church in 1972 and have been there ever since. The Preacher's Seminar is a lectureship especially planned for preachers who are able to attend. Speakers come from many parts of the country. It is a good program. This year I spoke on "Are We Expecting Too Much From Archaeology?" and "Our Ancestors in the Wilderness."

Nov. 5-10. Centerville Road, Tallahassee, FL. This was my second time to work with the brethren at Centerville Road. In the evenings I presented the series on the Gospel of John, Introducing the Son of Man to the Sons of Men. During three days lessons I presented lessons on From Ancient Manuscripts to Modern Versions. It was a pleasure to be with the brethren and to stay in the home of Gene and Sandy Taylor. Gene is a good student of the word and has prepared many materials that are now available for free download from the church web page. I suggest you take a look. Also visit the Expository Sermon Outlines site where you will find more of Gene's material.

Oct. 8-13. Douglass Hills, Louisville, KY. In October I presented a series of lessons on Introducing the Son of Man to the Sons of Men to the Douglass Hills church in Louisville. This series is based on the Gospel of John, and it was well received. Paul and Wilma Earnhart have been working with this church for a number of years. Mark McCrary and Coulter Wickerham also work with the church. During the day sessions I presented lessons on A Journey Through Ancient Lands, emphasizing biblical sites in Lebanon and Syria. The church is served for four good elders, and it was a pleasure to stay in the home of Gary and Linda Watson. Gary is one of the elders, and he taught Communications at Florida College for a year in the early 1970s. The brethren have invited me back to present three lessons on Bible History and Archaeology in their Bible Forum, Feb. 26-28, 2007.

Sept. 24-27. Charlotte, TN. In September I presented a series on Evidences for Faith at Charlotte, TN. Mike and Mary Richardson, former students, work with the church there. My good friends, Brooks and Nancy Cochran, worship with the brethren there. Brooks has helped me a lot in checking for broken links, and in providing suitable new links for the page. He has training both in biblical studies and in history and I have appreciated his assistance.

Sept. 17 - Lakeland, FL. Wilson Copeland, preacher at Lake Gibson in Lakeland, FL., spent a month preaching in China. Elizabeth and I enjoyed visiting with the brethren at Lake Gibson. Having worked in Lakeland for about 10 years (at Lakeland Hills) during the 1970s, we have know many of the Lake Gibson brethren for a long time. Their building can be seen on the north side of I-4 in Lakeland.

Early September. Elizabeth and I spent two weeks in Huntsville, AL., working on things pertaining to my mother who now has Alzheimer's disease. She had adapted satisfactorily to an assisted living facility. We have been back several other times during the year.

Aug. 13-15. Preaching in London; Photographing in British Museum. From Prague I went to London. On Sunday I met with the brethren at King's Cross and presented a lesson. The Citrus Park church in Tampa helps with the support of David Cambridge in London. These brethren are small in number but strong in faith. It is always a pleasure to visit with them. Sunday afternoon and all day Monday I made photographs in the British Museum.

David and Judith Cambridge at King's Cross in London. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

David & Juidith Cambridge
at King's Cross in London

Samaria Ivory displayed in the British Museum. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Small piece of Samaria ivory from Ahab's palace. Photographed in the British Museum. See 1 Kings 22:39. The Israel Museum has a larger display of these ivories.

The prophet Amos spoke of the houses and beds of ivory in the northern kingdom (Amos 3:15; 6:4).

Aug. 5 - 11. Lectureship in the Czech Republic. From Istanbul I went to Prague where I spoke on Sunday morning. This was my third time to visit with these brethren. In the afternoon we made our way to Kamenice Nad Lipou where about 50 brethren gathered for a week's study of the Bible. Scott Smelser, of Gettysburg, PA., spoke on the family each morning for two hours (this includes the translation time). In the afternoon we both participated in a time of Questions and Answers on Bible topics. Each evening I spoke for two hours on Bible History and Archaeology. Robert Hodanko, who helped me with the translation of my PowerPoint slides, served as my translator. While in Prague I made my home with Robert and Tami. At the lectureship I saw several former students, including Scott, Tami, Fred Newman (working in Slovakia), and Lee Fenner (Kaunas, Lithuania). Prague is where the early reformer John Huss preached. Two brethren came from the Netherlands.

Ferrell, Scott, and brethren from Lithuania at the Czech lectures, 2006.

Ferrell, Julius, Lee, Testitus, Scott
at the Czech lectures

Robert, Ferrell, and Tami at the Czech lectures, 2006.

With my hosts in Prague (and good friends), Robert and Tami.

The Morrows at the Czech lectures, 2006.

The Morrows.

Ferrell Jenkins presenting lessons on Bible History and Archaeology in the Czech Republic, 2006.

Ferrell presenting Bible History and Archaeology lessons.

July 23 - Aug. 4. Greece and Turkey. Armed with two good digital cameras I made a study/photographic tour of Greece and Turkey with my former student, friend, and fellow preacher, Leon Mauldin. We had visited Israel together in November, 2005. We visited Athens, Corinth, Cenchrea, Isthmia, and Samos in Greece. In Turkey we visited Ephesus, Miletus, Aphrodisias, Colossae, Laodicea, Heirapolis, Philadelphia, Sardus, Smyrna (modern Izmir), Thyatira, Pergamum, Assos, Alexandria Troas, Istanbul, and a few other places. In Izmir we had lunch and a short visit with Dr. Mark Wilson who spends several months of the years living in Turkey. He is a good scholar on Turkey during New Testament times. We keep a link to his Seven Churches Network on our Bible Places page under Turkey. Leon and I each made about 3500 photos. Maybe we will find a dozen or so really good ones!

Leon Mauldin at the Erastus inscription in Ancient Corinth. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins.

Leon Mauldin at the Erastus
inscription at Ancient Corinth

Dr. Mark Wilson and Ferrell Jenkins in Izmir (biblical Smyrna). Photo by Leon Mauldin.

With Dr. Mark Wilson in Izmir.
Mark has updated William Ramsay's book,
St. Paul the Traveler and Roman Citizen.
Order from Amazon.

July 11 - Temple Terrace VBS. I presented one lesson on Naaman to the adult class of the Temple Terrace Church of Christ vacation Bible School. For this lesson I was able to use photographs I had made in Syria and Israel. We live just a "stone's throw" from the new building on Temple Terrace Highway, and have known many of the members of decades, yea scores of year. Two of the elders were in my Florida College classes, and over 10 of the deacons. Don Truex, also a former student and current friend, serves as evangelist. I note that the new web site features a link to the BiblicalStudies page. Thanks.

June 1 - Christian College Librarians. Florida College hosted the national meeting of Christian College Librarians. Wanda Dickey, Florida College librarian, invited me to speak to the group on the subject of Emperor Worship in the Book of Revelation. Since the initial plans in the early 1990s to offer bachelor degrees, FC has developed an excellent library (especially in biblical studies, which I know something about). Wanda follows in the steps of Jim Hodges, Harold Tabor, and Griffin Copeland.

Monday, October 2, 2006

The Day of Atonement and Chicken Sacrifices

Today is Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, in the Jewish calendar. Israel was commanded by the LORD to observe this day with sacrifices. At the close of the day the high priest was to take a goat (the scapegoat) and make atonement upon it. The goat was then sent into the wilderness (Leviticus 16). The blood of bulls and goats could never take away sins (Hebrews 10:4). This annual practice only emphasized the need for a single, suitable sacrifice for sin.

Todd Bolen, of has called attention to an article in the Jerusalem Post about some Jews who, in the days leading up to Yom Kippur, cut the neck of a chicken and swing the chicken over their own head or the head of others. The attempt is to transfer their sins onto the chicken.

In 1995 I visited Nepal, a land wholly given to idolatry, and learned that they have a practice of killing a rooster once a year as an atonement for sin. Small chance! Read Isaiah 53 and Acts 8:27-40.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Want to keep up with the news from Israel? Todd Bolen informs us that Israel Channel 2 news is available in English at JerusalemOnline.

Saturday, July 9, 2006

Bruce and Vicki Hudson, Bangor, Maine.Ferrell Jenkins in front of Stephen King's home, Bangor, Maine. Photo by Bruce Hudson.The Work in New England. Week before last I had the pleasure of presenting a series of lessons on Daily Life in Bible Times with the Bangor, Maine, church. Bruce and Vicki Hudson have been working with this church for the past 17 years. Before that they worked with the church in Millbridge for about 8 years. They were both former students of mine, and I enjoyed the hospitality of their home. There were about 45 in attendance on Sunday. Four other former students are also in the church (Ken and Linda Williams; Matt and Brooke Williams). There are seven non-institutional churches in the state of Maine. It was good to be reacquainted with several brethren, and to make new acquaintances.

Bruce was kind enough to take me to Bar Harbor and Acadia National Park one day. The scenery is spectacular in that area. Bangor is the home of author Stephen King. King is highly respected in the Bangor area for his contributions to the community. The airport terminal at Bangor is small, but the runways are large. This allows flights from Europe to land for refueling. Military jets make it their first stop in the USA when returning from overseas. The day I flew home the terminal was filled with about 200 (or more) soldiers headed for Iraq.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Ten Commandments for the Internet Age. Click here to check this timely, thought-provoking piece of work from Ben Witherington's blog.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Archaeological Study Bible. Zondervan has published the Archaeological Study Bible in hard back and leather. Like so many Bible with loads of material the Bible is too large to carry around. So, I advise the hard back edition for use on your desk. You may download Genesis in PDF to take a look at the material. The articles represent a conservative approach to the evidence. I understand that Dr. Bryant Wood wrote about 90 of the articles and that Todd Bolen wrote more than a dozen. You can order the Bible from Amazon and probably get free shipping.

Ink and Blood. The Ink and Blood exhibit of Bibles has moved on to Daytona Beach, FL, but you can still see our review here

Building a New Rome. The Imperial Colony of Pisidian Antioch. This beautiful site is an online exhibition of the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, University of Michiagan. Lots of good plans, photos, 3D images, and movies of Antioch of Pisidia. This city was the site of Paul's sermon showing the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies in Christ. I have added a link on the Bible Places page (under Turkey). Take a look here.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's Been a Long Time. It has been almost two months since I wrote the last note here. It has been a busy time. We had a wonderful trip to Israel and Jordan. I remained in Jordan for a few days, and also stopped in Paris for a day of photos in the Louvre. Since then I have worked with two churches in the Athens, Alabama, area. The series on Evidences for Faith was well received at Corinth. At Capshaw I spoke two nights on the subject, From Ancient Manuscripts to Modern Versions. Norman Webb works at both churches, but one is Sr. and the other is Jr. Good men. Good families. Both were my students in the olden days. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Todd Bolen's Newsletter. I have encouraged many of you personally and through my websites ( and to buy Todd Bolen's Pictorial Library of Bible Lands and other materials he has available. Check for information. You need to subscribe to his BiblePlaces Newsletter. Here is a LINK to the most recent issue. You will find a link to some of my photos near the top of the page, several free photos, and a place to subscribe to the Newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Da Vinci Code Resources. With all of the attention being given to The Da Vinci Code novel and movie, I thought it would be good to compile a page of some of the best materials available for dealing with the issues raised. Check it out here.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Last Week in Kansas City. It was a pleasure to work last week with the Vivion Road Church of Christ in Kansas City, MO. The brethren were enthusiastic about the series on Evidences for Faith. Tom Kinzel, a former student, has worked with the church at Vivion Road for the past 17 years and is doing a good work.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Second Destruction of Jerusalem! Misleading. I know. Jerusalem has been destroyed many time. I am speaking about the Second Temple [they mean the Herodian Temple] Model which is always visited by my tour groups. The model has been on the grounds of the Holyland Hotel. Due to expansion at that place, the model is being moved to the grounds of the Israel Museum, somewhere near the Shrine of the Book. According to a recent article in Haaretz, mentioned in Paleojudaica and BiblePlaces Blog, the movement is now underway. Todd Bolen was at the Museum last week and reports that "parts of the city had been put in place" (BiblePlaces Blog). Leon Mauldin and I visited the model November 10, 2005, but were so disappointed that we asked that our entrance fee be returned (and it was). Here is a small photo showing the condition of the model north of the Temple Mount at that time.

Model of the Second Temple being dismantled by workmen, Nov. 10, 2005. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins,

The model will not be reassembled in time for our Spring group, but hopefully for the group after that. It is a great teaching aid, and the new location will make it much easier to visit.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Blog Archive. I should have done this long ago. I began this little blog more than 3 years ago and failed to set up an archive. If you have an interest in earlier material please check the Blog Archive.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Ink and Blood: Sacred Treasures of the Bible. The Ink and Blood exhibit is now showing at the Florida International Museum in St. Petersburg, FL. I have written a review of the exhibit for those who may be interested in the subject matter. You will also find some interesting photos from my collection. Read it here. For the next two Sunday evenings I will be speaking on From Ancient Manuscripts to Modern Versions at the Citrus Park Church of Christ.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Ferrell Jenkins and Todd Bolen at Gihon Spring, Jerusalem. in the Holy Land. Todd Bolen has begun a wonderful new website called Life in the HolyLand. This site illustrates the people and places of times past. In addition to his wonderful photographs at, Todd has searched the old books unavailable to most modern students for photos to illustrate the way Palestine looked a century or so ago. These sources include the maps produced by the Palestine Exploration Fund's Survey of Western Palestine, and four volumes of Picturesque Palestine. All of these materials are available for sale at a reasonable price. Each CD includes the photos in PowerPoint as well as the high-resolution files. Many of the images are scans of steel and wood engravings used in books before the advent of photography.

Having traveled in the Middle East since 1967, I find these photos extremely helpful. The area has changed rapidly in the past 38 years. But when I first traveled there the land still looked much as it had looked for decades. This material is helpful in making the comparison between then and now.

There is another section of this new website that I find helpful. One area is called Bible Illustrated and includes Cedars of Lebanon, Potter and Pottery, Psalm 23, et al. Another area is designated Peoples of the Holy Land. It includes photos and descriptions of the Arabs, Bedouin, Lepers, Monks, Shepherds, et al. A third area deals with Way of Life. Here you will find Camels, Fishing, Grain, Marketplace, Tombs and Burial, Weddings, etc. For the past five years I have spent a lot of time preparing lessons dealing with Daily Life in Bible Times. This material will prove extremely helpful, especially in making comparisons, and showing cultural scenes now lost to progress.

Visit this new website and revel in the material there. Every church library or resource center should have these CDs available for use by their teachers. Preachers who are interested in rooting their lessons in historical reality will find the material indispensable.

Bolen has lived and taught in Israel for the past nine years. This has given him an opportunity to study and photograph the land in a way that is impossible for most teachers. The photo to the right was made by my traveling companion, Leon Mauldin, November 7, 2005, at Gihon Spring in Jerusalem. The south east corner of the Temple mount enclosure is visible in the distance. Todd was working with some of his students that day in Warren's Shaft. He was kind enough to let us tag along as he showed them the Tomb of the Kings, En Rogel, and other sites in the area of the City of David and the Kidron Valley. For anyone who may not know, Todd is on the right.

Todd has begun a BiblePlaces Blog to update interested persons about developments in Israel pertaining to historical and archaeological matters.

Friday, December 16, 2005

King David's Palace? Excavation by Eilat Mazar. Photo by Ferrell Jenkins 11-07-2005. David's Palace? The January/February 2006 Biblical Archaeology Review arrived in the mail today with Professor Eilat Mazar's article, "Did I Find King David's Palace?" If you don't subscribe to BAR, you might like to download this article in PDF here. November 7, 2005, I was able to get a peek at the excavation through a hole in the fence surrounding the excavation. The site was mostly covered by tarps to protect from the winter rains and folks like me, perhaps. Anyway, I am glad I saw the site and understand it in relation to the Stepped-Stone structure. You will be able to get a better indication of the massiveness of the walls in the BAR article.

Word has come that Archaeology Odyssey is merging with BAR. Both are helpful magazines.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Florida College 2006 Lectureship. I will continue my illustrated series on museums containing Biblically related artifacts. Over the past three years I have presented lectures on the British Museum, the Louvre, and the museums of Berlin. This year my presentation will be on the artifacts in some American museums.

Herod the Great. The Archaeology Channel has a video about Herod: The Builder King. It's great if you have high speed.

World Wide Web. I am impressed that someone, somewhere in the world, is visiting our web page every hour of night and and day. There are links to this page from sites worldwide also.

The IVR Cheat Sheet by Paul English. Paul English was featured in a report on NBC Nightly News earlier this week. Like many of us, Paul got tired of calling a phone number and having to push dozens of buttons before being connected to a human. His IVR ("interactive voice response" Cheat Sheet gives info on how to get around all of this "1 for information, 2 for support, 3 or orders" stuff. Check it out here.

Friday, December 9, 2005

Five Day Bible Reading Program 2006. Mark and Deena Roberts continue to provide us with a good program for reading through the entire Bible within the year. Download a copy at Bible Class Material. Take a look at the other materials available. Check out the other material available for individual and class study.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Ronny Reich and Ferrell Jenkins at the newly excavated pool of Siloam. Photo by Leon Mauldin.Study and Photogrpahic Trip to Israel. Due to the problems in Israel and the West Bank I have not been able to direct tours there since the year 2000. During the first two weeks of November I made a personal study and photographic trip with Leon Mauldin. We visited many sites in the country and made about 2500 digital photos each. Through the years I have been active in academic professional organizations such as SBL, ETS, NEAS, and ASOR. It is always a pleasure to see some of the men I have met at the professional meetings. When we visited the newly excavated Roman period Pool of Siloam (Jn. 9), Ronny Reich, the director of the the dig, was there and pointed out some of the highlights to us.


On the return from Israel I visited with brethren in Prague, Czech Republic, and presented two lessons on Sunday, November 13.



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