General Material
BibleWorld. New page by Ferrell Jenkins with downloadable study materials in Adobe PDF.
British Museum. Use COMPASS to explore the collection on-line. Includes Egypt, Greece, Near East, Rome.

William Smith. A Dictionary of Greek and Roman Antiquities. 1875 Classical Encyclopedia. See list of articles. Opens in blank page.
Earth and Moon Viewer. Great photos of the Living Earth. Other satellite views.
Visible Earth. NASA images.
Follow The Rabbi. This page contains many excellent diagrams, drawings, handouts, especially about ministry of Jesus.

Franciscan Cyberspot. Israel & Jordan Archaeological Resources.
Cunningham Geikie. The Holy Land and the Bible. 1887 publication.

DNI Bible. Dictionary of Nature Imagery of the Bible. Under development.
Livius. Articles on ancient history. Includes Anatolia, Greece, Persian, Judea, Egypt, Rome, etc. Some photos.

National Geographic Magazine. Index of article on biblical geography, archaeology, and Middle Eastern history.
Persians in the Bible. Iran.
W. M. Ramsay. St Paul the Traveler and the Roman Citizen. Full text. Searchable.
Roman Antiquity. Page by Bill Thayer. Ancient documents and photographs of Roman sites and artifacts. Opens in blank page.
See the Holy Land. Your guide to visiting the Holy Land. Pat McCarthy, director, Auckland, New Zealand.

Seals. Articles & photos about seals of Bible times. Robert Deutsch.
Spaceshots. Images for sale.

Thesaurus of Geographic Names. The Getty Information Institute. Search ancient or modern city or country.
Travel. Distance and Communication in the Roman Empire. How long did it take to travel from from city to another by sea?
Travel and Religion in Antiquity. Seminar within the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies. Papers online.

Travel Channel. Some programs are about places mentioned in the Bible.
Using Photographs to Illustrate Lessons. Review of The Pictorial Library of Bible Lands by Todd Bolen,
Who Was a Christian in the Holy Land? Small encyclopedic listing of some well-known persons who lived in the Holy Land.

Coins of Bible Times
Ancient Greek & Roman Coins. Numismatic topics from one collectors point of view.
American Numismatic Society. Online Resources.
Amphora. Ancient coins, including Roman and Judean/Biblical coins.
Baidun Shop - Jerusalem. I have bought from Baidun in the Old City.
Barry & Darling Ancient Coins. Lots of info on cleaning, titles, etc.
Bible Coins Jesus Used. A study by Steve Rudd.
CHRR Online. Coin Hoards of the Roman Republic.
Classical Numismatic Group.
Coins of St. Paul the Traveler. Breck Breckenridge. Coins Paul would have seen or possibly handled.
Dirty Old Books. Download ERIC: The Encyclopedia of Roman Imperial Coins, 2005, in PDF (free). Or use online. Other books for sale.
Dirty Old Coins. Ancient coins from the Roman Empire. Cleaning supplies.
Edgar L. Owen, Ltd. A premier gallery of antiquities, ancient coins, and world art.

From Art to Artifact: Making Sense of Roman Coins. Hood Museum, Darthmouth.
Guy Clark -- Ancient Coins.

Handbook of Biblical Numismatics. Update of book by Mel Wacks.
Harlan J. Berk, Ltd.

Jerusalem Through Coins. Great site for study of coins.
Menorah Coin Project. The databank on Biblical Coins by Jean-Philippi Fontanille. The place to look. Expert on Pilate.
Munzkabinett Online Catalogue. Staatliche Museen zu Berlin. Excellent images of Roman coins.
Numiswiki. The Collaborative Numismatics Project. Much helpful info for the beginning collector.
Online Coins of the Roman Empire. From Augustus (27 B.C.) to Zeno (A.D. 491).
Roman Numismatic Gallery. Excellent photos.
David R. Sear. Reference books on coins.

Edward J. Waddell, Ltd. Ancient Coin Specialists.
Zuzim Judaea. Ancient coins of Judea.

Egypt's Golden Empire. PBS site.
Akhenaten's World. History, Near East nations associated with Egypt, cities, races, people, maps. Nice site.
Coptic Museum. Cairo. Some of Nag Hammadi documents displayed.
The Ancient Egypt Site.
Ancient Egypt Online.
Glass Making in Ancient Egypt. Commercial site, but has several pages of info on glass making.
The Pyramids of Egypt. Good photos of pyramids and other sites.
David Roberts Lithographs of Egypt.

Guardian's Egypt. Great collection of links about Egypt.
Hillman Wonders of the World. The World's Top 100 Wonders. Many are in Egypt. Have you been there?
Theban Mapping Project. Valley of the Kings. Begin with articles and resources. Photos.
Ancient Days. Articles on date of the Exodus by Dr. David Livingston.
Write Your Name in Hieroglyphics.

Athens, the Ancient City.
Corinthian Matters. A resource blog on things pertaining to Corinth by David Pettegrew, Messiah College near Harrisburg, PA.
The Ancient Greek World. U. of Penn. Museum.
Corinth Computer Page.
Reconstructing the city plan and landscape of Roman Corinth. Look under "classes" for Ancient Athletics (cf. 1 Cor. 9:24-27).
Greece: Hellenic Ministry of Culture. Click on Museums, Monuments and Archaeological Sites. Select city.
Patmos. The Island Called Patmos. Article by Ferrell Jenkins with photographs.

Israel: Ancient Canaan, Palestine
Find a Dig. The BAR list of digs.
Weather in Israel. Daily level of Lake Kinnert (Sea of Galilee).
Tel Abel Beth Maacah. Tel near the Lebanon border. Mentioned in 2 Samuel 20:19 as a "mother in Israel." Photos and information about throughout Israel with emphasis on Galilee.
Canaan and Ancient Israel. Land and Time, Daily Life, Economy, Religion. U. of Penn. Museum.
Israel Tourist Information Web Site.
A Virtual Tour of the Holy Land. By David Padfield. Includes photos for overhead transparencies.
Bethsaida Excavations. Excavation at possible site of Bethsaida. Also a city of ancient Geshur.
Bethsaida. The excavations at El Araj, a possible site for Bethsaida.
Caesarea Maritima. Photographs by David Padfield.
Caesarea Philippi. Pictures by David Padfield.
Drone Use in Israel. Full instructions for those who wish to use a drone in Israel.

Tel Dor Excavation Project.
Khirbet Qeiyafa. The Elah Fortress overlooks the Elah Valley on the north.
Gilgal. Visit the website of the Jordan Valley Excavation Project. Directed by Dr. David Ben-Shlomo, Dr. Ralph K. Hawkins and Dr. Edward F. Maher.
Gath. Tell es-Safi/Gath Archaeological Project.

GoIsrael. Good tourism information. Khirbet el-Mastarah is suggested as Gilgal.
Hazor Excavations.
Hebron. Jewish Community of Hebron. The Tel Hebron Archaeological Excavation. Click on EN for English.
Herodium. Includes research publications.
Hezekiah's Tunnel. Article by Ferrell Jenkins with photos.
Israel by Foot. A site about hiking in Israel. Includes section dedicated to Bible Walks. Lots of great info. Some materials for sale.

Israel Nature and Parks Authority. Info about national parks, the tourist passes, etc.

Jerusalem: German Protestant Institute. Located at Augusta Victoria. Emphasizes work of G. Dalman.
Jerusalem Temple Mount Home Page. Research on location of the temple.
Jerusalem: Window on the Wall. The Western Wall.
Jerusalem. Temple Mount Antiquities Sifting Project.

Khirbet el-Maqatir. Could this be ancient Ai? Excavation by Associates for Biblical Research.
Khirbet Qeiyafa Archaelogical Project. The Elah Fortress overlooking Valley of Elah.

Kinneret Regional Project. Tel Kinrot (Kinneret) is located on the NW corner of the Sea of Galilee.

Megiddo, Israel Archaeology, Near Eastern Studies, Tel Aviv University.
Mizpeh of Benjamin probable site (Joshua 18:26). Tell en-Nasbeh Web Page.
Nazareth Village. A reconstructed first century village and farm. Some photos. For some info on the excavations of the Nazareth Village see University of the Holy Land page here.
Neot Kedumim. The Biblical Landscape Reserve in Israel.

Palestine Exploration Fund Map. Founded in 1865, the PEF is devoted to the study of the ancient Levant, especially "Palestine".
Palestine Open Maps. Maps of Palestine during the British Mandate (1918-1948).
Ramat Rahel Archaeological Project. A Judean royal site south of Jerusalem.
Tel Bet Yerah - First City of the Jordan Valley. Site on SW corner of Sea of Galilee. Dating back to Early Bronze Age (3500-2300 BC).
Tel Shimron. Excavation beginning in 2017 at this site in Galilee on the north side of the Jezreel Valley. A collaboration between the IAA and the Museum of the Bible.
The Samaritan Update. Internet newsletter regarding Samaritan-Israelites who live on Mount Gerizim. Site is not user friendly, but helpful info may be located.
Terra Sancta. This web site provides info on several Catholic sites such as Bethphage, Ain Karem, Dominius Flevit, Emmaus, etc. Check Holy Places.

Samaritan Passover. Photographs and comments by Todd Bolen. Check the first person account article from Bible and Spade (14:2).
See the Holyland. Site provides info on key sites in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Egypt.
Synagogues. Second Temple Synagogues by Donald D. Binder.

The Christian Catacombs of Rome.
Views of Rome. Vedute di Roma. Page by Kalervo Koskimies includes Appian Way, Forum, Palatine, and various museums.
Appian Way photograph. One of the nicest I have seen.
Links to Resources on Malta and Paul's Shipwreck:

Mark Gatt. PAVLVS The Shipwreck 60AD. Video by Maltese seaman advertising book and account of anchor discovery.
Life and Land. Research articles by Gordon Franz. Use the Search box to locate material dealing with Malta or shipwreck.

American Center of Oriental Research (ACOR) PHOTO ARCHIVE. Various collections of photos of Jordan archaeology.
Madaba Map; Mount Nebo; Machaerous (where John was beheaded).

Madaba Map. A virtual tour.
Petra - Site of Ancient Edom. Article by Ferrell Jenkins with photographs of Petra.
Petra. American Museum of Natural History exhibit. Good photographs.
Transjordan. Article by Ferrell Jenkins with photographs of Arnon River and sheepfold in Gilead.
Archaeology of Jordan Online. Internet resources to many archaeological projects in Jordan.

Karak. The Virtual Karak Resources Project. Good photo gallery of Jordanian daily life. Good links.
Jordan Tourism Board. General tourist information.
Jordan - Keys to the Kingdom. Information about various site in Jordan.
Lonely Planet Jordan. Nice site with important info for travelers.
WeatherSpark. Use for Jordan or other countries for historical or average monthly weather.

Lebanon: Ancient Phoenicia
ODYSSEY Marine Exploration. Phoenician Shipwreck. Go to Shipwrecks, then Other Shipwrecks for info on Melkarth.

Mesopotamia: Modern Iraq
Lost Treasures From Iraq. List and photos of some items looted from the Iraq National Museum in Baghdad.
Artillery and artifacts. Interview with Ferrell Jenkins in St. Petersburg Times, April 10, 2003. Photos. The newspaper is no longer published. PDF
Ancient Mesopotamia.
Babylon: City of Nebuchadnezzar. Article by Ferrell Jenkins with photos.

The Cultural Heritage Center. University of Pennsylvania Museum.

Brief History of Assyrians.

Ancient Near East. Museum events and other things of interest about the Ancient Near East.
Check for other museums on the Scholarly page.

Syria Tourism Information. Includes some good photos of artifacts.
Syria Photo Guide.

Dura-Europos, 'Pompeii of the Syrian Desert.'

Turkey: Biblical Asia
Ararat: Noah's Ark & Mount Ararat.
Assos. Site visited briefly by Paul and his companions (Acts 20:13-14). Online book. See Lectum.
Anatolia. Turkish culture, scenery, people.
By traveler from Belgium.
Biblical Sites in Eastern Turkey. Articles by Ferrell Jenkins.
Colossae: Unearthing the Past. New effort to excavate Colossae. Flinders University.
David Merling's web site. Info on Noah's ark. Response to claims of Ron Wyatt, et al. regarding Noah's ark, Ark of the Covenant, and crossing of the Red Sea.

Turkey: general information about the country. Includes some tourism info.Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara. Some links broken, but still helpful. An English site at Planet Ware.
Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara. Entry in Wikipedia.
The Hittites.
Hittites: The Excavations at Hattusha. A project of the German Archaeological Institute.
All About Turkey. Nice site for planning.
A Guide to Biblical Sites in Greece and Turkey. This book by Fant and Reddish is one of the best. Also available for Kindle.

ArcImaging. Information about search for Noah's Ark. Photos of Ararat.
Biblical Turkey: A Guide to the Jewish and Christian Sites of Asia Minor Mark Wilson. My favorite book for the area.
Ephesus. An on-line panoramic virtual tour.

Ephesus Museum. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna. Austrians have worked at Ephesus for more than a century. Web site also includes Egypt, Near Eastern, Greek & Roman.
First Century Ephesus. PowerPoint Presentation by Dr. Sheila E. McGinn, John Carroll University.

Istanbul Archaeological Museum. Assyrian, Babylonian, Greek, Roman. Siloam tunnel inscription; Gezer calendar and boundary stone; Herodian temple warning, et al.
In the Footsteps of Paul. PBS site. Includes Tarsus, Antioch, Ephesus, and other places.
Laodicea. The current excavations conducted by Pamukkale University. Turkish. Use Translate from Google.

Lycian Turkey. Includes Patara and Myra.
Mount Ararat: Documents regarding the boat shaped formation nearby.
Mysteries of Çatalhöyhük! Excavations at the Neolithic site (7000 B.C.) near Konya (biblical Iconium).
New Testament [and some Old Testament] Sites in Turkey.
New Testament Sites in Turkey. Alphabetical list with some Scripture references. See other pages to Ecumenical Councils, etc.
Old Testament Sites in Turkey. Alphabetical list with some Scripture references.

Noah's Ark Search. Excellent links. Claims to be "most comprehensive collection of Ark research."
Patmos. The Island Called Patmos. Article by Ferrell Jenkins with photographs. Patmos is in Greece.
Turkey Photos. Pbase has many good, digital photos of Turkey. Search by country. Check the work of Dick Osseman and Helen Betts.
Pisidian Antioch. A few photos of the ruins.
Building a New Rome. Antioch of Pisidia. Great online exhibition of Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, U of Michigan. Plans, photos, movies.
Seven Churches Network. A resource on biblical Turkey. Dr. Mark Wilson.
Tarsus - Gözlükule Excavations. Gözlükule is a prehistoric mound located at the end of the Cilician Gates.

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