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The Early Church. First century Christianity as revealed in the New Testament. Lessons identifying the unique characteristics of the New Testament church. The 20 detailed lessons are grouped into six parts: The Early Church and the Word; The Early Church Established and Described; The Early Church: Its Organization and Workers; The Early Church Assembled for Worship; The Early Church and Daily Life; The Early Church, Church History and Today. 112 pgs. $4.95. Read more about The Early Church.

Studies in the Book of Revelation. Detailed outlines and notes on the entire book of Revelation. Special material dealing with introductory matters, the kingdom, Arma≠geddon, and Revelation 20. Survey charts and a reading list. Includes outlines on the letters to the seven churches and a chapter which surveys the background of Emperor worship in the Roman empire. Terminology which was common to both emperor worship and the book of Revelation is considered. Revised in attractive new format. $3.95.

Did Domitian Persecute Christians?
An exchange between Ferrell Jenkins and Arthur M. Ogden. Background material for the date of the book of Revelation. $1.95.

Biblical Authority.
Practical lessons to guide the Bible student in determining, understanding and applying Biblical authority. A needed study. Attractive format. $2.95.

The Finger of God.
A study of the Holy Spirit in eleven detailed outlines dealing with the Godhead, the Deity of the Holy Spirit, Jesus, apostles, gifts, conversion, indwelling of the Spirit, the completed revelation, blasphemy, and emotionalism. Attractive new format. $2.95.

Let Not Man Put Asunder.
The Biblical teaching on Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage is set forth in these outlines. Several contrary views are examined. $1.00.

Introduction to Christian Evidences.
This book contains 39 detailed and documented outlines on evidences of Christianity. Lessons cover Introduction, Theism, the Bible, Fulfilled Prophecy, Jesus Christ, and the Resurrection of Christ. Suggested readings included for each lesson. This is an excellent book to help build and strengthen faith. Revised edition. $10.95.

The Theme of The Bible.
Godís plan for the redemption of man is presented in outline form as the theme of the Bible. This book has been widely used in classes. It covers topics such as God, creation, man, the promises to Abraham, the throne of David, blood, Jesus Christ, the church, future events in the scheme of redemption, the covenants, and the plan of salvation. Chronological chart included. Revised edition. $4.95.

The Mid-East Conflict and the Bible.
Answers to the following questions: Is the return of the Jews to Palestine a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy?; Why do the Arabs hate Israel?; Will Babylon be rebuilt?; What does Biblical prophecy say about Israel, Babylon and Nineveh?; Does God use nations to serve His purpose?; When and how will the nations turn their swords into plowshares? $3.95.

Between the Testaments.
The important "four hundred silent years" between the Old and New Testaments are dealt with in this material. Helpful in understanding the New Testament. Deals with Persian, Greek, and Roman history as it pertains to the Jews. The Herods, synagogue, Samaritans, development of the sects, and intertestamental literature such as Apocrypha and Dead Sea Scrolls are also discussed. [OP; in process of revision and enlargement. Some copies available. Contact bookstore.]

Charts on Institutionalism and the Sponsoring Church.
These charts were prepared for use in discussions on the "issues" which brought division within the church during the past few decades. $1.95.

New Testament Workbooks

Better Things - A Workbook on Hebrews. An adult workbook on the New Testament. The lessons include questions to answer and extra work/discussion questions. The text of the New American Standard Bible is conveniently printed with each lesson. $3.95.

Godís Eternal Purpose - A Workbook on Ephesians.
This adult workbook of 13 lessons includes study helps and the NASB text in addition to questions. $3.95.


The Old Testament in the Book of Revelation. Old Testament background of the book of Revelation is examined in detail. The place of Revelation in Apocalyptic literature is considered as are the Old Testament books most frequently used in Revelation. Descriptions of Christ, Titles of Deity, and Old Testament Imagery are discussed. Bibliography and index. This book has received favorable reviews in many publications. Highly acclaimed. $5.95.

A Tribute to Melvin D. Curry, Jr.
A festschrift to Curry on the occasion of his retirement from teaching at Florida College. Essays on Biblical studies, apologetics, church history, doctrinal studies, and sermons by former students and colleagues. Hardcover, 324 pgs. $18.95.

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