The Early Church

First Century Christianity
as Revealed in the New Testament

by Ferrell Jenkins

Part 1 The Early Church and the World

The Early Church and the Word

Part 2 The Early Church Established and Described

The Church
Descriptions of the Church
The Use of Ekklesia in the New Testament

The Mission of the Church
What is a Local Church?

Part 3 The Early Church: Its Organization and Workers

The Work of Overseers
The Qualification of Overseers
The Relationship of Members to Overseers
The Deacons
The Evangelist
Teachers in the Early Church

Part 4 The Early Church Assembled for Worship
The Lord's Supper
The Early Church Assembled on the First Day of the Week
The Music of the Early Church
The Collection and the Use of Money in the Early Church
Part 5 The Early Church and Daily Life
Collective and Individual Activity in the Early Church
Discipline in the Early Church
Daily Life in the Early Church
Part 6 The Early Church, Church History and Today
The Church in History: Its Origin, Apostasy and Restoration
Becoming a Part of the Early Church

The Author
Ferrell Jenkins has been preaching the gospel since 1952. In addition to preaching, he serves as chairman of the department of Biblical Studies at Florida College. He is firmly committed to the effort to restore New Testament Christianity in our age. This book is the fruit of nearly half a century of study and devotion to these principles.

This book is designed as a class study book which may be used for three or six months depending on your class length and arrangement.
ISBN 1-890119-04-0

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