Computer and Web Resources
WordPress. An alternative blog site that many find better than Blogger.
Convert Files. Zamzar provides free online file conversion: songs, videos, and documents.
Convert PDF to Word. Provides free online file conversion from PDF to Word. It worked for me.
Digital Photo Tool. Google now offers Picasa as a free download. Organize and share photos. Neat little program.
Adobe Photoshop Manual for Scholars. Help from the West Semitic Research Project.
Adobe Photoshop Blog. Julieanne Kost's Blog.
Maps. Check the new Google maps.
Google Cheat Sheet. A helpful sheet showing shortcuts in using Google search.
Google Book Search. Very helpful in searching books. Many older ones are online.
Lynda.Com. Training videos for many computer and photographic programs.
Rough Guides. Travel guides. Including Rough Guide to the Internet.
Lonely Planet. Travel guides. Good info online.
Old Version. Because the new version is not always better. Good place to find old versions of some programs you use.
Open Office. Programs for word processing, presentation, drawing, and spread sheets. Free by Oracle.
Photo Program. Need to move leads from one photo to another. Try Microsoft Research Group Shot.
Photo View Program. Irfanview. Nice program for viewing and organizing digital photos.
Irfan View Tips. Helps for Irfanview in PDF.
Photoshop Express Editor. Enhance your photos online.
Pandora. Internet Radio.
Radio Swiss Classic. Beautiful classical music.
WCPE. The Classical Station.
Replicator. This is one of Karen Kenworthy's good, free programs. I find it helpful in transferring files from computer to external drives.
Skype. Free Internet phone service. Great way to keep in touch with those living outside USA. You need high speed.
Spyware. Here are some free programs to help you get rid of spy bots that clog your computer; Spybot; Windows Defender.
Tucows. A good place from which to download various useful programs.
Web Album Generator. This is a good program to quickly generate web albums. Shows thumbnails and larger photos.
Web Hosting. This page is hosted by Intexch.

News Sources
Jerusalem Post.
Ha'aretz. Israeli Daily Newspaper. English edition.
Israel Hayom. Daily newsletter.
Israel Today. Israel from perspective of Messianic Jews. Some archaeology news.
The Times of Israel.
Jerusalem Online. Includes newscasts.
Al-Ahram Weekly. On-line English newspaper published in Cairo, Egypt.
Alakhbar English. Lebanese newspaper.
BigNews Network.
Fox News.
Fox Business News.

USA Today.
Cybercast News Service.
Find Articles. Locate articles in hundreds of magazines.
Total News.
International Herald Tribune. Opens in new window.
Time Magazine.
Newspapers and News Services. Opens in new window.
The Bible and Interpretation. Latest news relevant to biblical study. Archaeology, evolution, and more.
PaleoJudaica. A weblog on Ancient Judaism and its context by Jim Davila, St. Andrews University, Scotland.

Search Christian Science Monitor.
Religion today.
The Tampa Tribune.
World News Network. News and photos from many sources.
Google News.
World News Mideast.
Yahoo News.

Search for Information Fast Facts. Searches dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.

Calendar Home. Make your own calendar (or buy calendars).

Copyright Website. Information about copyright laws; links.

Cliffs Notes. Read literature online. The source students use when they prefer not to read the real thing.

Do It Yourself. Information on how to do almost any household task.

Dictionary: is the ultimate in Internet dictionaries. Includes religion/biblical dictionaries.

Dictionary. One Look.
Dictionary: Online Etymology Dictionary. Origin of English words. Helpful source.
Dictionary: ARTFL's Public Reference Tools: Webster's Revised Unabridged - 1913 + 1928; Roget's Thesaurus; French-English.
Dictionary. Slang. Urban Word usage does change, you know.
Distance Calculator. Calculate air and route distances from one place to another.
Distances. How far is it from one place to another?
DollarTimes. Inflation Calculator. How much would a dollar from 1970 be worth today?
Easy Unit Converter. Fabulous wide-ranging converter.
Great Books by Access Foundation. From ancient classics to 20th century masterpieces.

Hoaxes, Myths, Urban Legends. Check when you are tempted to forward an outrageous email:
Snopes. Rumor Has it. Urban legends and hoaxes.

Hoax Busters or Truth or Fiction.

Islam: Glossary of Terms. yourDictionary has a nice glossary as well as an Islamic Calendar Converter.

Internet: Internic; BetterWhois. Search for who is on the net.
Library of Congress Z39.50 Gateway to Libraries.

The National Jukebox. Library of Congress. Old recordings of music and speech.

Metric Conversions. Another good source for Metric Conversions.

Miscellaneous: Bigeye; Hotsheet. Almost more than you want to know!
Population. Check population of cities and countries.

Phone (Telephone) & Address Info: Big Book; Switchboard; WhoWhere.
Pictures or Images.
Ditto. Search for pictures on the web at the speed of sight.
Reference Works:
iTools provides quick access to the best internet tools: search, language, research.
Rumors. Check Truth or Fiction. Check Hoaxes & Myths above. Another source: Snopes: Rumor Has It.

Search: Google. Excellent. My favorite search engine. Now allows News search.

Search: Hotbot; Yahoo.

Search Religious Sites: Cross Search; Goshen Internet Christian Resources.

Time: Greenwich, England; Navy Correct Time; Clock Bot.

Time: Official U. S. Time.

Time and Date: Time and Date. Build your own world clock for the places you visit.

TimeNow. Timenow provides time and weather, distance calculation, and more. WCAG 2.0 compatible.

Travel. Hillman Wonders of the World. The World's Top 100 Wonders. How many have you visited?

Travel Wait Times. Check for historical wait time information for USA airports.

Weather by AccuWeather for Tampa, Florida.

Weather Worldwide. Check normal for any month. World Climate; World Weather Almanac.
Writers-Free-Reference. Help for writers.
Writers. Tools for Writers. Indelible Ink has add-in applications for Microsoft Word.
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